I can’t get a break.

Remember several years ago when my digestive system turned on me? (If you really want to recall the story start on April 10 and work your way backward).

I guess my digestive system decided after all the running around hither and yon and then the ginormous pile of things I had to do in order to just keep up, it would do a junior version of that again. It melted down on Thursday while I was having my huge busy day. It commenced with the churning and roiling. I lost all interest in getting food into me until about Saturday night.

After Thursday, I spent my time on the couch. On the plus side I got my DVR from 48% to 12% plus I watched gymnastics which will probably be a future post.

I ate lunch and dinner today and I did a bit of writing so let’s all agree that I’m moving forward now and all setbacks are history.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the little pies baked into cupcakes post. Starring Kira the superstar baker.

Find a mini-cupcake tin for the pies. Make pie crust or use something pre-made. Whichever is easier.

Make tiny little pies and fill them with a spoonful of cherries. (Or whatever sounds good to you.) Put a top on them and seal. Vent them.

Bake them in the oven with the dog watching.

Line a regular cupcake tin with liners. Put a little cupcake batter in the cups and then drop the baked mini-pie in it.

Cover with batter. Don’t get carried away because as it bakes it will cover it.

Bake and enjoy.

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4 Responses to CUP-PIES!

  1. Kira says:

    The picture of Lila is hysterical! I had no idea she was so wise to stuff happening in the oven.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. After a few days, if your digestive system really gets back to normal, maybe it’s time to make pumpkin pie cup-pie-cakes?


  2. amanda says:

    These look awesome! I want to make cupcake pies today! Hmmm… what combination would be appropriately fally? I’ll keep you posted. : )

  3. angelawd says:

    Ooooh that looks so good. Can you mail me about 12 dozen? 🙂

  4. AEJ says:

    Those look, um, healthy. 😉

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