insomnia update

Turns out my digestive problems have nothing to do with beans, spices, food poisoning or a virus.

How do I know?

Because I’m still having the problems.

Last week Weds and Thurs were much better such that I thought I was just “working it out of my system.” Of course I didn’t have much appetite and was eating things like rice and broth or canned fruit.

Friday I felt back up to speed and had a great day and ate small quantities but normal foods and guess what? Up most of the night Friday with roiling stomach pains.

Saturday carefully watched the food intake and had only minor pains although my spouse had a wild night out and when he got home neither of us could get back to sleep so we talked and finished watching a movie: Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah which is a funny and sweet movie.

I was very hungry yesterday and even as I ate my Easter dinner (in Barbie portions) I suspected I was dooming myself, but the food tasted great and I felt fine. But you guessed it: 11pm. Stomach cramps which kept me up until 2a.

So I’m averaging about 4 hours a sleep a night and 800 calories a day and I’m feeling completely looped, tired, hungry, shaky and weepy. Is this how super models and actresses feel every day? How do they function?

I have a call into the Doctor now.

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