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Insomnia, Part 2

Well, looks like the andouille had nothing to do with my digestive pains. I was moving a bit slow on Monday but otherwise a normal day. I went to yoga class, came home and ate a small dinner consisting of several foods I ate Sunday but nothing spicy or beany.

Woke up at 11:30pm with an even worse belly cramps than the night before. I couldn’t sleep to save my life and also spent a great deal of time in the bathroom.

I figured I’d “sleep in” and go to work later and be fine but I ended up staying home all day. While my first thought was that it was some sort of food poisoning issue, Bob pointed out that there’s a norovirus making headlines in Clark County. I’m not sure if this is compatible with my sick Sunday night, fine Monday day, sick Monday night routine so maybe it was some food thing.

But that means that over two nights I got maybe 6 hours of sleep and I felt awful all morning. I took several naps including an epic from 1pm to 3pm and when I woke up I felt closer to normal. I’ve even eaten a bit and expect to sleep great tonight and be back in action tomorrow.

I’ve had more health issues since January than I’ve had put together in the last 5 years. What about all the yoga and clean living?

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Last night I woke up at 1:45am with a hypersonic wind tunnel digestive thing which means a lot of uncomfortable inner turmoil. I drifted a bit but for the most part, I tossed and turned and couldn’t get comfortable.

Friday I made a pot of bean soup and Saturday I made that gumbo. Sunday night I used the leftover andouille in the bean soup and I think this is what put my digestive system over the top.

Not a good way to start Monday: bleary eyed and feeling like a refugee from an all weekend kegger.

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New Thing

This week is the 10 year anniversary of my website.

Obviously, I’ve been aware of this for some time and have (had?) big plans for a site redesign and returning some archived stuff to the site. All this Photoshop learning was supposed to pay off. Geez, I am a slow learner. I vastly scaled back my ideas and then scaled them back some more.

I worked on the new design all day and it’s still completely farked up. I only have the faintest grasp of this CSS stuff and I can’t make anything look like like I want it to look. Plus FRODO (my computer) spent the past week in his “I don’t do colors correctly” mode) which has added an additional element of difficulty to the routine.

I got frustrated this afternoon and the sun was beckoning. I took a break and thought I’d pull some weeds and do some yard stuff as a nice brain cleanser. It must be spring because I had to do one of my most hated spring chores which is to attach the backyard hose to the faucet. The forktard who built the deck built it abutting the house so that the faucet is almost impossible to reach. Almost.

Last year I think I managed to do it in under a half hour but today I was not so lucky. I spent close to an hour on my belly on the deck trying to get that forking thing connected. If the man who built the deck ever shows up at my door I will first, chain him to the deck and force him to connect and unconnect a standard garden hose to the faucet until he begs for mercy. When he uses bad words I will flog him with the other end of the hose. Then I will rip his still-beating heart from his chest and eat it.

This ninja writer guy I saw at a writing conference (long story) said that it is impossible to do that and surgeons use saws and stuff to get to the heart and that all the aortas and stuff that are attached to it are tough cables — but that won’t stop me. I’ll go through the belly and root around though his entrails until I can grab the thing and I’ll be angry enough to tear it out. And it should be perfectly legal. No one should be allowed to build something with such complete stupidity and not have committed some sort of crime where heart extracting is acceptable punishment.

Once I got the hose on, since it was warm and sunny, I decided to prepare the walls-o-water so that when I get my tomatoes I’m ready to go. I didn’t even get the walls out last year because they were designed by a sadist and you can’t fill them without getting yourself wet and making a lot of mud. But I think they would have helped so I decided to buck up and do it anyway.

So now I have my hose attached, my walls up, my pants wet and muddy and I’ve said every bad word in the book at least 100 times. Time to go back and tackle CSS. Let’s open another bottle of wine. That’s always a good strategy when you’re trying to figure out a technical thing and have two web browsers and about 10 windows open.

I’m sure I could find one of these kids to take mercy on me and help me out but I can’t bear the idea of them sitting around guzzling Mountain Dew and playing Ghostbuster Dragonslayer Warfighter and laughing about some lady they’re helping who doesn’t know the difference between margins and padding (do you get it?) for her stupid website with pictures of pumpkins.

I’ll get it straightened out. I’ve got a lot of wine. Maybe next weekend.

Meanwhile, the rest of the weekend was decent. I made a killer gumbo on Saturday. I think I finally have the recipe down so it’s not an all day affair. I also made a pumpkin streusel cake which was excellent and I had a tiny blob of pumpkin left and I put it in the cornbread I made tonight.

Take THAT! Gameboy.

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I Want My Noon Yoga

Last week when I was walking to my last Noon yoga class. I saw a flier for something called “Body & Brain Yoga” in downtown Portland. I vaguely remembered seeing this before and a conversation with Bob where we decided something about the place didn’t look quite right and maybe it was a cult.

I handed the flier over to Holiday to see if she knew anything about it and she said no and asked to hang on to the flier.

Since I REALLY want to find a Noon yoga class, I decided to do more homework. Maybe I’m just being judgmental because this yoga center is slightly different than what I’m used to and maybe these are really nice yoga people who don’t have a good handle on marketing.

For the past week I’ve been keeping my eye out for another flier and finally yesterday I saw one at the mini-mart. Now I could study it more closely.

Put “yoga classes” into any search engine and I guarantee that 99% of the yoga studios you pull up will be more or less the same. They describe the style of class, introduce the teachers, tell you what it will cost and usually have tips like arrive at class a little early, don’t wear shoes in the studio and practice on an empty stomach.

The way to get started at Body & Brain Yoga Center is to make an appointment for a private introductory session. Giant red flag there. They want to check up on your flexibility, breathing and “energy flow.” You mean the teacher can’t eyeball you at the first class? Also they say nothing about what the classes cost.

At this point I still really want Noon yoga and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt so I do a little poking online. Within three minutes I have a connection to something called Dahn Yoga and that leads me to a cult study organization that has an extensive page on this organization.

Comments from participants:

"I was looking for a yoga studio near my residence. A 'master' at Dahn performed a physical exam by tapping areas of my body. The exam was painful. The master said there were 'blockages' in my body that needed to be removed and then offered programs ranging from $3,000 to $10,0000. I went for a non-refundable three month membership. Most of the members were new to the center. I wondered why they had such poor retention. And what about all that paraphernalia and those expensive sessions? They sell everything from a 'Power Brain,' which is a small battery-operated device for $80, to healing sessions for $3,000.

In their defense I will mention that many participants liked the exercises, which apparently aren’t really yoga. But I don’t think I’ll go there.

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Stinking Thinking

I’m here mainly to report that I’ve had a bad attitude lately. I won’t go into all the details but having a bad attitude doesn’t fix anything and I’d like to have a better attitude and I make my intention to think good thoughts, and to get over it, and any other sort of cheerleading or scolding I can come up with but before you know it, that stinky bad attitude has returned.

I read a quote from Carrie Fisher once that went something like: resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Yes, I get this, yet here I am seething with resentment. I would describe some of the things I am doing to demonstrate my desperation because what I really want is to feel better, but you might think I’m a crazy person.

Contributing to the overall bad attitude is an amazingly ginormous and unexpected tax bill. At least I have that stupid task off my plate.

One good thing to look forward to is World Cup which starts on June 9. I have no idea how I’m going to work my schedule but I’ll figure out something.

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Movie Date

Yesterday Bob and I went and saw Inside Man and I can not more highly recommend a movie. It’s everything you want in a movie. Great directing. Good story that keeps you guessing.

Great performances. Denzel is great. Chiwetel Ejiofor who played The Operative in personal favorite, Serenity, and you couldn’t imagine a more different performance. Jodie Foster is fantastic. You’re never a totally sure what is going on. Run, don’t walk.

Afterward Bob wanted to stop and have dinner and I was dressed like a slob and I like to look semi-decent if I’m out and about. I had a flash on this as we were going out. But he convinced me it was fine and sure, by PW standards I’m sure it was, but I still like to rise above.

I sucked it up and we had a super dinner. It was all good. A cheese sampler plate, an arugula salad and salmon special. Excellent. A good date.

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