Movie Date

Yesterday Bob and I went and saw Inside Man and I can not more highly recommend a movie. It’s everything you want in a movie. Great directing. Good story that keeps you guessing.

Great performances. Denzel is great. Chiwetel Ejiofor who played The Operative in personal favorite, Serenity, and you couldn’t imagine a more different performance. Jodie Foster is fantastic. You’re never a totally sure what is going on. Run, don’t walk.

Afterward Bob wanted to stop and have dinner and I was dressed like a slob and I like to look semi-decent if I’m out and about. I had a flash on this as we were going out. But he convinced me it was fine and sure, by PW standards I’m sure it was, but I still like to rise above.

I sucked it up and we had a super dinner. It was all good. A cheese sampler plate, an arugula salad and salmon special. Excellent. A good date.

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