The Floors I Missed

Our building has 20 floors and we’re on the 18th and since my inquiries about a PamExpress elevator to 18 have been ignored, there are often stops. And I don’t care, just how big a hurry am I in and what’s the alternative? A rope ladder?

However yesterday I got on the elevator with 5 other people, all going to a different floor. Plus we stopped at an upper floor to let someone on, and he got off at a different floor. So now, including my stop, I would visit 8 floors, my world record.

Except, two floors below my stop, I stopped yet AGAIN for some people who needed to go up one floor. (Our building has the stairs locked which I’m sure has something to do with security and I think is a bad idea, not that anyone cares what I think.)

When the people got on I laughed and said, “You’re killing me. I’ve stopped on 10 floors. I just feel sorry for all the floors I didn’t stop on.” And they, being humorless and young and world-weary plus stuck with the task of delivering big books between floors (and apparently needing *2* people to do this) glanced at me snittily and said, “uh, hope your day goes better,” as they exited.

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