Cake Maker

This week FoodDay’s cover story is about making pretty cakes. They recruited a couple of pastry chefs, a floral designer, an artist and a couple of small children to remodel a frozen food section cake. The idea is for the busy person to have a simple way to make a pretty cake. They include a cake recipe as well, for when you’re feeling extra ambitious.

I can’t decide whether I should save this or not. I save something out of the food sections of both papers pretty much every week. Sometimes I save the entire section. I have a drawer in the laundry room and when it’s bursting, I go through and wonder why I keep saving all these things. I toss a bunch but I always refile a bunch because I know I still want to make them. Back in the drawer they go.

I’m not sure about the cake thing. I rarely make cakes. If I’m going to bake I’d usually rather make a pie. Or I make some chocolately thing for Bob.

But these cakes are so pretty. I could bring one to a party and everyone would be impressed at what a pretty cake I made. But I never go to parties. And if I do, I don’t always have time to make something and I get irritated with Bob if he volunteers me.

But they look so good. Might as well keep it for now.

Also an article about mangoes. My sister has a terrible allergy to mangoes. She can’t even think about them. Hopefully, she isn’t reading this because her eyes might swell shut. For years and years I avoided mangoes because of this however I am not allergic and don’t share a kitchen with her and it’s not like she even knows what I eat or would care if she did.

Last year I ate some mango sorbet and then I bought a mango at the grocery store and turns out: mangoes are yummy. I like mangoes. (Family in-joke here: Mongo like candy.) I do not like papayas. I think they smell like barf. Not sure where I was going with that. Better see if there are any other articles I need to save.

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