FIFA World Cup Games 24, 25 and 26

 PGE Park FOOD. I figured out that this new layout is too narrow for my standard photo crop. Sheesh. God-forbid a two column layout shouldn’t have a mile of dead space margins. What’s so great about wordpress again?

Ghana v. Australia 1-1

I had another obligation today so I only watched one game live. Not this one. Turns out I picked the most boring game.

I watched the highlights show and then pulled this one up on my DVR. Wow, Australia with the early red cards. It’s like you’re inventing a new sport.

Netherlands v. Japan 1-0

Snore. What a boring game. Netherlands, I loved visiting your country. I dare you, woo me. But also, how does this team do it? Do they sneak extra players on the field? Everywhere you look: orange shirts.

Restroom sign at PGE park. I love the restrooms at soccer games because the ladies: never a line!

Cameroon v. Denmark 1-2

Highlights reel made this game look good, too. But I didn’t watch it. I decided to do some writing today.

Italy and Brazil tomorrow. Not playing each other. Don’t disappoint me gentlemen.

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