FIFA World Cup Games 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17

Riverplace Marina, Marquam Bridge and Mt. Hood, Portland Feb 6, 2006

I would have done a post last night but I had just posted about the beg-a-thon and wanted to keep that up top for at least 24 hours.

First, here’s my nothing-to-do-with-World-Cup favorite comment thread of the day: Health Food of the Future: Less Salty Wieners. I try to avoid comment threads because 90% of them make me feel that mankind is doomed and deserves it but it’s the ones like these that keep me from losing all hope.

One more thing about Denmark’s own goal. John Harkes, the commentator, said: terrible clearance on that ball.

Yes, that’s one way of putting it.

Game 12 New Zealand v. Slovakia 1-1

I missed this game live but heard the outcome. When I got home last night I watched the first half and then decided to FF until NZ scored. I got to the 80th minute and figured if they scored that late I’d just watch to the end of the game. I had one eye on the clock and I was getting all panicky that I misunderstood and wondering what was going to happen. 90+3 – what a heartbreaker for Slovakia but really cool for NZ.

Winston Reid got a yellow card for taking his shirt off. My letters to FIFA pleading that this rule be withdrawn continue to go unanswered. If you haven’t seen this yet, Jezebel is doing World Cup Shirtless photos. You’re welcome.

Game 13 Côte d’Ivorie v Portugal 0-0

Côte d’Ivorie has the most gorgeous colored uniforms. I want to take a bath in that color. It’s like your-life-is-perfect gold. And the goalie’s uniform is purple which is also awesome. Also their crest with the elephant is cute.

Portugal is one of my favorite teams and they didn’t do much. I wanted more. Also, they have a player who looks like 80’s era Limahl. No time for photo evidence tonight.

Game 14 Brazil v. Korea DPR 2-1

The TV at the office is pretty crappy. There’s something about the color red that displays funny. When I saw the NK players on the field they looked like big red glowy dots and I was thinking: Ok, am I seeing auras? Do I have some super power I can see their true identity? (I know, too much sci fi.) Then on a close up they looked like regular people.

During the half of this game I started penning my “What the hell players? Start scoring some goals. None of this own goal (Denmark), penalty kick (Ghana), butterfingers goalie (USA) crap either. I want some really nice goals, like Germany,” manifesto.

But then Brazil came through with a couple. That Maicon goal was AMAZING. And NK got a great one, too.

I thought Brazil was going to sail through a lot easier in this game.

Game 15 Honduras v. Chile 0-1

Missed it. Sorry guys.

Game 16 Spain v. Switzerland 0-1


You were very handsome while you lost, however.

Game 17 South Africa v. Uruguay 0-3

Wow. I’ve never seen a goalie thrown out on a red card. Is there any sporting duty worse than being #2 goalie and being tossed into a game in the 80th minute to try to block a penalty kick? I really wanted him to block it because that would have been cool.

– – –

Tomorrow’s a big day. I have Argentina playing at 4:30am. (Yes, going to try to watch it). Then a regular work day and then a Timbers game after work. SOCCER!

Yes, it is a lot of soccer but it’s only once every 4 years and makes me really happy.

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3 Responses to FIFA World Cup Games 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 17

  1. Kira says:

    re: funny t.v. — i love the olympics (almost) as much as you love soccer. especially the winter ones. i’m not a big sports person, but i love all the showiness and the random, little-known events. when i was in the CZ for study abroad, the winter olympics were in turin. the coordinator of our dorm managed to get a t.v. for my room just in time for the games. she tells me “it works great, except when there’s too much white on the screen and then it looks fuzzy.”

    well, thanks. perfect t.v. for watching the WINTER OLYMPICS.

  2. Marvin says:

    Ah, CIV is the Ivory Coast. I had no idea who CIV was. I knew who POR was, that’s easy. Thank you for ‘splainin’ me!

    Glowing players are radioactive. Keep clear.

    I think we should set up a study, in a parallel universe, where you conduct your beg-a-thon with nary a mention of the World Cup. >;-> Then we’ll compare your receipts in that universe with this universe’s FIFA-laden take. I’m sure that THIS universe’s beg-a-thon will be MUCH more successful.

  3. AEJ says:

    Marvin has a splendid idea there. Let’s get funding and get started on it. 🙂

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