FIFA World Cup Games 27, 28 and 29

This morning I went out to pick snails in the rain. I was in the back corner of the yard and noticed we have a bunch of raspberries ready to pick. I figured once the rain stopped I’d pick them and bring them in and take a photo. It never stopped raining. This is a neighbor’s dogwood April 09

I decided to be picky about what I games I watched today since I had a few other things I wanted to take care of.

I skipped Slovakia v. Paraguay 0-2

Sounds like I didn’t miss much.

I crawled out of bed at 7am fully expecting to watch Italy wipe the pitch with New Zealand’s asses. And again, my expectations were not met.

I loved the game. I love it that New Zealand scored in the 6th minute and Italy had to hustle right away. I hated the Italian diving. Didn’t someone on the German team get a yellow card for diving?

Last week there was this meathead who went off about how lame soccer is. “Just a bunch of guys running around, no one knows that they’re doing.” He said, “You can’t have a game with a tie. That’s unamerican.”

I’ll leave it to you to perform an analysis of that statement. In this game a tie was awesome and it was fun to see the fans going insane in the stadium.

Brazil v. Côte d’Ivorie 4-1

I watched the first half but my attention started wandering. The score was 1-0 I was pretty sure Brazil would win so I decided to skip the second half. Apparently it was really good. I think I’m going to go watch it now. Every time I skip something exciting happens.

I’ve been in a mild panic the last couple of hours trying to take care of some stuff and laundry, dinner, stuff for the week to come. I’m going to try and wind down now.

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2 Responses to FIFA World Cup Games 27, 28 and 29

  1. Ballard Avenue says:

    It’s interesting to note the poor performances of the titans of western European soccer. Luckily the tradewinds won’t bring to us the stench of Germany v. Serbia, Italy v. NZ, France v. everyone, and England v. everyone.

  2. Marvin says:

    I was in a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. They had a huge lounge with a big TV blaring one of the World Cup matches. There was one person in there, Spanish or Portuguese by the look of him. He was reading the newspaper.

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