Little Notes

Last night I came home late and I was really grumpy. I found a cute love note next to my computer from my sweetheart.

“Stop messing with my bummer, man!” I shouted when I found it.

I didn’t get my tomatoes in the ground last weekend but I left them on the back porch to “acclimate.” Last night I brought them in so I could knit them sweaters.

What the hell Mother Nature?

Right now my desk is so covered in little notes and stupid problems to solve that I’m tempted to light it on fire.

But I won’t because it would be one more problem to solve.

Oh good, it just started hailing.


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One Response to Little Notes

  1. AEJ says:

    You know, if I may say so, you mention how these “little notes” bother you quite often here on your blog (you mention them quite often, not the notes themselves bothering you on the blog). I suggest stop the practice of writing them.

    There. Happy to help.

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