Stupid Technology Update

If you’re reading this it hopefully means that the changeover worked or at least worked a little bit.

There are still lots of bits I don’t like –like how it looks — and need to change but I’ve already burned up too much time on this project so it’s going to be wonky for awhile.

I still need to check stuff and I have no idea if comments are working. This seems unnecessarily complicated but we’re going to go for it.

If you’re still there, keep standing by.

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3 Responses to Stupid Technology Update

  1. An says:

    If you can read this, comments are working!

  2. Keetha says:

    Yay, you’re back! I was getting worried.

  3. AEJ says:

    Even though you have the same URL, the feed changed and I guess that’s why Blogger never informed me you were back. 🙁 I removed your site and then re-added it and then VOILA! I see you again! Yay!

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