Before & After

These are my favorite pink tulips last year.

Last week I answered a solicitation call at home. It sounded like a call I usually get at the office. “This isn’t a sales call we just want to confirm your business information.”

I stopped her right there and told her it was wrong. This isn’t a business, it’s a private residence.

Last night Bob said somewhere on the Internet our phone number is connected to something “Insane Genius” because he kept getting these solicitation calls.

Uh, remember this? (It’s in the fourth paragraph.) I can’t figure out what’s going on because I’ve never connected my domain to my home phone number but it seems like a spectacular coincidence.

This year I have tulip rot. Or something. I haven’t done any homework to figure out the problem. The cheapo tulips on the other side of the yard look fine.

The good news is that the plumber was only $115. Did I mention we needed a plumber? We’ve been limping along on several issues for quite some time and over last weekend the bathtub decided that draining was too much effort and it would take all the time it needed. All day.

I figured since we just paid a vat of money in federal and property taxes this week, plus a vat to Toyota two weeks ago, that the plumber would probably need whatever was left so $115 sounded practically like free.

Let’s just hope all the rest of our stuff can hold together for awhile.

Here’s the shop last fall when I bought those new shelves and couldn’t get them to go together

Sheesh — I’m not even finished typing this post and already the next stupid problem rolls in. It’s probably not cool to blog about so I’ll be kinda vague.

We’ve just been informed that a government agency investigation into our alleged illegal activity has resulting in a finding of unfounded. There was a weird phone call but they say they sent the notice to the wrong people. Which duh, because we’re the most boring legal people ever. But it’s worrisome because somehow now we’re in the system. Supposedly the agency who was smart enough to send the notice to the wrong people is fixing it all and will update us next week.

Please: no more hassles.

Shop with new shelves. There are a few more things I’d like to get rid of but already 100% better.

I have to run out the door but this is the official notice that the giant website overhaul is happening this weekend. I figure it will be all screwed up and probably the feeds screwed up and probably other things I haven’t thought of.

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2 Responses to Before & After

  1. AEJ says:

    Are those LABELS I see on your bins? You're so organized.

    I'm glad your legal troubles have been cleared by the secret agency. Men in Black?

  2. kmari03 says:

    There is a definite possibility that the insane genius posse, the government investigation, and the shelves not going together right is all linked.

    i'm sad about the tulip rot. please post pics of the ones that are okay soon!

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