Looks Like I Picked The Wrong Week To Quit Sniffing Glue

Cheapo tulips — looking good.

Bob and I had a relatively low maintenance wedding celebration. When were were setting up the deal at the wedding location, one of the choices had to do with the outdoor chairs where the ceremony was going to be.

They could provide and set-up the chairs for a steep price — off the top of my head I’ll guess it would add 20% to the cost of the whole thing. OR you could rent chairs and have them delivered and set them up yourself.

Even the most low key wedding is a giant wallet drain. Add “wedding” to normal stuff and the price inflates. A cake? $50. Oh, wedding cake: $350. Multiply that by invitations, flowers and clothes.

This chair thing would be a really tempting way to save some money.

Except now we’d have to make sure the chairs were delivered at the right day and the right time and the right place. The wedding location was not an empty lot with nothing to do but wait for us – this place had all kinds of events going.

So I insisted that this was one of those times where what you are really paying for is peace of mind and it would be worth it to cough up the money for the chairs. And so we did.

Portland Timbers season is underway

Had I had any idea what I was getting into when I had to do this giant blog to wordpress to new host clusterfart I would have hired a person from the beginning. But I didn’t and every time I got gummed up I kept thinking: well, as soon as I solve this problem, I’ll be home free. Except that I got gummed up on every single step. I’m not going to bore you or get myself all worked up again explaining the whole thing. Let’s just say if I had the choice between doing this again and getting a colonoscopy, I would cheerfully pick the colonoscopy every time.

Thanks go to An (read An’s story: Year of the Rabbit) and Saint Max at the webhost for helping me out. Mostly Max. He seemed to grasp the shrill desperation in my emails and finally just started doing it for me and then sending me the link to the wikis rather than telling me what I could do and sending me the link to the wikis.

So far I don’t love WordPress. It’s kinda control-freaky for me but I still have about 100,000 pages of wiki to read so I perhaps I can unlock the secrets for myself. There are wonky links and the archives are goofy, I hate the way it looks, I’m still figuring out what I want to do with the book section and my “blogroll” (I hate that word) but I can post and get comments so I’m going to be happy with it like it is for at least the next few hours.

Oh — and if you use a feed reader you have to start all over again and there’s a magic button down on the left so you can add it that way.

Hamburg, Germany. Still TONS of Europe photos to share.

So: I’m back. FINALLY.

Some of the things you’ve missed while I couldn’t post:

Gardening: I hauled in a bunch of manure, compost, soil amendment and pam-o-tiller’d the whole thing and planted a bunch of seeds and prepared the pumpkin patch area.

I got in a snit one night when I got home from work when I saw the world’s biggest snail sliming across one of my plants so I grabbed a bucket and ran through the yard in the rain in my work clothes picking snails. They’re all still floating around in the bucket in the backyard. I wish Max would come over and dispose of them for me.

Portland Timbers — already been to two games. And mark your calendar because World Cup starts on what should be a national holiday: June 11 and this will be soccer blog until July 11.

Beg-a-thon is coming up. I’d link to the old one but see comment above about how archives are still poop.

I jammed my toe at yoga and it’s purple and chubby.

And now my dear husband is sick. He has a Man Cold — it’s terrible. (Sorry Orleans people, it’s a YouTube clip and you’d love it if it didn’t take 3 days to download.)

I’ve been spending so much time on my technology horror plus a half-dozen minor crises that I’m omitting, I haven’t even been drinking adult beverages or watching TV. And while I’m tempted to spend the entire day today on the couch with a bowl of cookie dough, a bottle of Baileys and my DVR, I have a ton of administrivia to catch up on plus I have a story that is one uninterrupted hour away from going out the door.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Shane says:

    First poster!

  2. AEJ says:

    For the record, I told you at the beginning that WordPress sucks. But no one listens to me. 🙂

    I’m glad you had Max. I wish he would have taken my final exam for me.

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