Photo courtesy of kworth30. Thank you for CC licensed photos. The photo was taken in Jan 04. There is no snow on the ground right now.

This morning on the bus in I saw a spectacular sunrise over Mt. Hood and then saw Rudolph on the Made in Oregon sign as we pulled into downtown. I didn’t think they lit his nose until after Thanksgiving.

I want to get a new raincoat. The one I have is at least 5 years old and has a broken zipper. I think I can justify the expense. I had Bob help me with this arm measurement that they want you to do for the Internet order and took my data back to the size chart and learned that with that arm measurement, I am an extra-large.

When it comes to clothing I find it hard to believe I’m an extra-large in anything except children’s sizes. Then Bob and I tried again and then decided to just take a couple inches off and use that measurement. It’s sure going to be funny when my hobbit-sized raincoat arrives.

I’m working on my menus for food I want to make this weekend. I’m loving this 101 ideas list from Mark Bittman. We’re probably skipping the traditional Thanksgiving dinner although I’m still up for making it if things change. Otherwise we’re having salmon and I have a giant hunk so I’ll probably try a couple of different things. I’ll crack into my pumpkin supply and make soup and a pie. I’m thinking about doing a pot of gumbo.

I’m talking about over the whole long weekend, not just Thanksgiving dinner.

This past weekend I made my second favorite bread recipe, the Cook’s Illustrated sandwich bread. It’s fantastic toasted with butter or Nutella. Or both.

I started this post this morning and then got busy so I’m finishing it in a big rush. Back to work.

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  1. kmari03 says:

    i'm going to try the cooks illustrated bread.

    speaking of rudolph showing up early, do you ever watch the abd family channel? they do this programming thing called "25 days of Christmas" where they show christmas movies and shows almost exclusively in primetime for, you know, 25 days. Only this year they're also doing "countdown to 25 days of Christmas." wtf??

  2. Lorelei says:

    Is Bob the hunk, or the salmon? ha

  3. Keetha says:

    Please post salmon recipes!

    I love that photo.

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