We got new recycling bins. Instead of sorting our stuff into three little bins, we dump it all into this big bin. Except for glass which goes in a separate little bin. I probably should read the instructions in more detail. Our garbage cans are so small, you could maybe fit a 12 year old in one. This thing is so big you could fit a 12 year old, me AND Bob in it.

Part I

Last week when I was at the airport, I went to LameAss Airlines to see about the potential problem with my plane ticket.

The LameAss guy shook his head and said, “Oh no. That’s a problem. On an international flight the ticket must be issued exactly like it says on your passport. But I can’t help you.”

LameAss Airlines has been purchased by Ginormous Airlines. This is the second time that LameAss Airlines has allowed me to purchase a ticket to fly on one of their planes but when I had a question told me they couldn’t answer it, I had to deal with Ginormous Airlines.

So I walked to the other side of the airport where everyone at Ginormous Airlines was on a break. I flagged down a lady and she listened to my problem and then flapped her hands at me like how could I be so silly. “One letter different? That’s no problem. Don’t worry about it.”

“You’re sure?” I said. “I don’t want to arrive for my international fight and find out I have a problem.”

Her smiled disappeared. “I’ll ask my colleagues.” She then goes back to where the Ginormous Airlines employees were sitting around and said, “One letter off on the ticket isn’t a problem is it?”

“Nope,” they all agreed. “No problem.”

I’m doomed.

Looking south on Interstate 5

Part II

Here’s the tentative menu for tomorrow

Matt’s Salmon Cakes with Easy Remoulade Sauce

Cedar Plank Salmon

Mark Bittman Quinoa-Wild Rice dish (#24)

Bob’s Acorn Squash Fries (I don’t know where he got the recipe. I think he said a vegan resource which if you know him, is pretty hysterical.)

Jay Lake’s Knot Rolls.

and Cooks Illustrated Pumpkin Pie using pumpkin I grew myself.

I’m going to do a computer free day tomorrow since I haven’t done one in forever and I want to spend the day hanging around the kitchen.

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  1. kmari03 says:

    Your dinner for tomorrow sounds awesome. Especially the pumpkin pie part. Are you gloating now that the rest of us are facing a canned pumpkin shortage? We were all clearly doing it wrong…

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