We did our annual Bob’s Red Mill trek this morning. Serving breakfast starting at 6am. (We didn’t get there until 8am)

Misheard Lyrics

Bob and I went on an long walk this afternoon when the rain stopped.

On the way home Bob randomly said: “What’s up with that Madness song? ‘Our house, in the middle of the street … ‘ Was it really in the middle of the street?”

I said, “In the middle of OUR street.”

He thought for a few seconds and then said, “OH. Like the middle of the block. I get it.”

But that reminded me of my favorite song lyric of all time. I’ve probably already blogged about it because I love it so much.

It’s from the classic Warrant album Cherry Pie from the song, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and it goes like this:

Me and Uncle Tom were fishin’ it was gettin’
Pretty late
Out on a cypress limb above the wishin’ well
Where they say it got no bottom say it take
You down to Hell

– – –

They were fishing in a bottomless wishing well!?!?!?

I just hope I get to meet Jani Lane someday so I can ask him about it.

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  1. Lorelei says:

    We had a misheard lyric moment this afternoon. Hubby was telling me a friend of ours once told him the words to the Queensryche song, "Speak the Word" were, "Speak the word, the word is Oliver". Hubby told him it was "the word is ALL OF US" not "Oliver". Then he got confused and said, "How is 'all of us' one word?" lol

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