If You See the Sleep Fairy, Send Her/Him My Way

Early morning view of the Kootenai River from my hotel room.

I survived my super busy week. The business trip went fantastic.

I got home in time for a late dinner on Tuesday night and my dear cousin was in town for the Tribal Archives, Libraries and Museums Conference so I got to visit with her.

After work on Wednesday my cousin and I drove across town to meet with a 96-year old Karuk elder who grew up speaking Karuk. He didn’t learn to speak English until he started school. We interviewed him for a tribal program. He was a complete charmer. He had tons of great stories about his life like how he grew up and different jobs he’s had and several times he’d start a story and seem to gloss over the most interesting part. One of the interview questions was whether he’d ever had to translate between English and Karuk.

“Oh, just once,” he said. “It was a homicide investigation.”

I’m hoping to set something up so I can meet with him on a regular basis and get his stories and more of his knowledge of the language. We’ll see how it all works out.

Just turned 96. He showed us a photo of the gate he put up this summer at his property in Etna, CA

Thursday I left work a little bit early. The commute home was a breeze and I had one errand which went quickly and I was at home by 4:30pm. “I’m one good nights sleep away from world domination!” I thought as I lounged on the couch catching up on my shows between loads of laundry.

Of course I woke up at 3am. At 4:30am I turned on the light and read for awhile. By 6am I was sleepy again and I went back to sleep until 8:30am. Better than a sharp stick in the eye but I felt fuzzy headed all day.

Today I’ve been cooking and catching up on stuff around the house. That was one thing about this week. For about 5 days straight I barely ate anything that didn’t come from a restaurant. My favorite food is stuff I make myself. It was nice to eat in my own kitchen for a change.

I am now one good nights sleep away from world domination.

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