Someone Should Invent a Day with More Hours

I’m doing a writing contest with my Clarion West classmates. It started October 1 and goes to the end of the year. I won’t explain all the rules or bore you with my goals. The main idea behind the contest is to get everyone working harder. And I am.

The real point of my story is to talk about how all this writing productivity is ruining my TV watching. I now have 1 hour or less a day to watch TV. And the DVR is filling up faster than that.

I gave up on Flash Forward. I didn’t love it but normally would have given it a few more episodes but I thought I better quit before I got invested. I wanted to watch Three Rivers but only because it was staring that hot vampire guy from Moonlight. I gave it 15 minutes before I deleted and I didn’t hate it but didn’t understand how it wasn’t like all the other hospital shows out there.

Does anyone even have to invent shows anymore? It seems like almost every show involves solving cases or hospitals or someone/something with powers. Or reality shows which barely have to be invented. Is there a giant automator and you plug in a few characteristics and a show is kicked out the other side?

Which reminds me: why isn’t Sons of Anarchy the most popular show on TV? It’s an awesome show with motorcycles and violence and this season Henry Rollins is a special guest star and a total evil badass. Plus there was scene with Jax getting out of the shower. I think I lost consciousness for a minute when I saw it.

I don’t know what to do about Stargate Universe because it looks like the kind of scifi geek show that I would love. But I’m not invested yet, I could walk away right now because I haven’t had time to watch even one.

I’m not making a list of all my shows because most of them are embarrassing. I think there are seven plus Mad Men which I watch with Bob. Poor me and my problems.

I have a crazy busy week coming up including a couple days out of town for work. I will barely be online if at all for the next couple of days.

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