A Myth That Always Happens

Here you can see the tomatoes that live on the windowsill, the freshly picked tomatoes in a bowl and the tomatoes that are about to go into the oven to be turned into pasta sauce. Plenty more out there and it’s supposed to be toasty the next couple of days.

Last night both of us went to bed at 9pm and slept like the dead until the alarm went off. I always say we get logy when the weather changes but in the back of my mind I think it’s a myth. It’s a myth that always happens.

Yesterday I picked up my first new glasses in about 5 years. Clear vision is amazing. I would wear these things to bed if I knew I could keep from rolling over them.

I need to take a day off just to catch up on email. My desktops, real and electronic, are still a mess from before the Atlanta trip. I can’t find my camera battery charger and I haven’t had time to look for it. I’m going to sneak out early this afternoon and see if I can get a little bit organized at home.

Although it’s hot and sunny, I might have to sit out in the backyard and enjoy it before it all goes away.

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