Late Summer Red

The tomatoes are finally getting out of control. I had two days of harvest like this.

I’m sure the 8 feet of rain we had this weekend is going to bung things up but it’s probably just as well since I have a couple of busy weeks ahead.

This weekend I made tomato soup. It’s an easy recipe. Melt some butter in a pot and add your tomatoes, halved or quartered if you want. The recipe calls for shallots as well but I didn’t have any. Let it cook for a couple hours, put through the food ricer and you’ve got soup.

I had already eaten a big bowl when I realized I didn’t take a photo of the finished product. Here’s what’s left for tonight’s dinner. I add a splash of half-n-half. It’s incredible and will make you forget that tinny tasting stuff from a can.

Also this weekend I made some pasta sauce. So I’ve got the tomatoes back to a manageable pile.

It was a good weekend except for the 8 feet of rain. I don’t mind rain but monsooning over Labor Day is not my favorite.

Bob went to Seattle for Bumbershoot.. It’s amazing how little food gets eaten in our house when I’m the only one home. It took me all weekend to finish one bowl of leftovers and I never got around to eating an acorn squash or that pretty bundle of chard in the garden.

Look what I found in my pumpkins. Out front I have 6 vines planted in a small bed shared with a junipery shrub. An ornamental cherry with long weepy limbs shades the area. How did these manage to end up in between the vines tucked behind a pumpkin? I’ve gone through all sorts of scenarios: someone fell from their bike and their sunglass case flew into the pumpkins; a dog grabbed it and dropped it in the pumpkins someone with evil intentions was inspecting the pumpkins and karmically rewarded by losing their sunglasses.

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