The Grimmest Place on Earth


Kimberlee gave me some berry starts back at the beginning of summer. I’ve never had great luck with berries but these guys are already going strong. Moments after this photos was taken, I ate them.

I went to the mall today to get my hair cut. What a depressing place. My unscientific estimate is that at least 10% of the place is empty.

Then there are about 30% of stores that sell only completely worthless crap. Stuffed Hello Kitty dolls the size of VWs and lamps with the base shaped like a three foot high wolf. Yikes. And lots of idle clerks.

The worst part is the long row of kiosks that runs down the middle of the mall. People pop out at you with things in their hands and say, “Miss, do you have a moment? I’d like to show you something amazing.” One of the guys was really cute like the long-haired foreign guy that would be the love interest in a romantic comedy. I was severely tempted to see what sort of amazing thing he might like to show me. But I had to hurry to my appointment. My loss, I’m sure.

The Suspended Pumpkin

I let the pumpkin vines out front do what they want although I discourage them from running out in the street. This vine grew over the top of the bush and produced a pumpkin in the middle. I’ve been curious to see what happened and so far the vines keep it from falling to the ground.

Bob and I went to see the Woodstock movie yesterday. I’m afraid we can’t recommend. The minute the lights came up Bob looked at me and said, “I don’t think that worked.” We spent the next hour talking about what went wrong. I don’t know. Cruddy script. Too many loose ends not tied up. Not enough characterization. Not enough plot.

All I could think about the whole time was: Please, someone make Demetri Martin a sandwich. And: “Thank God I’m not there. Crowds. Hippies. Argh.”

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