Clark County Fair

On Monday I worked a half day and Bob and I headed out to the Clark County Fair. I’m not sure words can convey just how awesome it was.

What’s a fair without food? The first thing I wanted when I got there was my peach milkshake. We’ve waiting in much longer lines. The advantages of going on a weekday. And still they were doing a brisk business. I can’t imagine what it must be like on Saturday.

After my shake I was full and it was hot so I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything else. Just what a person should worry about.

Check out the lady wearing the sting dress. I didn’t even notice until just this second. I don’t freak out around bees but the large quantity of bees loitering around the displays eventually made me nervous.

Hi Mr. Bunny! That wire cage looks like an awesome place to spend the day. They have everything at the fair. Tons of bunnies, chickens, sheep, cows. They also had an exotic animal exhibit with tigers and stuff and for the first time in my life I was like, “Where the hell is PETA?”

Look at this guy! He’s bigger than my car.

I really wanted to see some baby pigs and we didn’t see any pigs anywhere except here. And the sign for some sort of pig races. I’m not sure if we just missed them. Maybe Clark County isn’t pig territory. Or maybe swine flu paranoia. I read today that there have been 11 cases of swine flu in the world resistant to Tamiflu and two (2!) were in the state of Washington. Awesome.

I still wanted to see baby pigs and was denied.

One of the top ten foods in the world: fried dough!

The featured program we wanted to see: jousting. I think it was called Knights of the Realm. In the beginning, one of the fair directors came out to tell us all about fair happenings but in the middle the audio died.

So they brought out the Boy Scout color guard and some lady walking through the mud in heels to sing the National Anthem. (Yes, before the jousting, not sure exactly how that works.) Except we couldn’t hear her because no audio and Staind was doing their soundcheck at the amphitheater next door.

Turns out jousting is sort of like baseball or football meaning there’s only a few minutes of action and then lots of filler. But they play a lot of “Lord of the Rings”-like music. The knights were cute and I’ll watch anything with cute knights. It was a fun show but with lots of weird boring parts.

The last thing we watched was the dock dogs which are adorable doggies jumping into a big swimming pool trying to catch things in their mouths.

Other things we ate: baked potato, giant cup filled with fruit (me, obviously), double hamburger with grilled onions, roasted cashews. It was really hot otherwise I would have eaten more things. I wanted fried dough, and a corndog, obviously (hi Shane) and one of those giant fried onion flowers. I could have eaten a lot more.

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