Rhinestone Cowboy

Someone just tossed these in the trash. And yes, our garbage cans say: Vancouver Sparkles.

I just did a Target run. I bought a bunch of stuff like a purple sports bra and new kitchen dish rags because all of mine smell mildewy and gross.

My wedding anniversary is coming up and I thought I’d get my sweetheart a card. We both buy each other stuff all the time so we don’t really celebrate couple-y events like anniversaries or Valentines by exchanging gifts. But I thought it would be nice to have a card to hand him.

All the anniversary cards at Target were huge tri-fold or multi-fold things with foil or rhinestones or whatever. And they were like $4.50. Not to be cheap but isn’t it ridiculous to pay $4.50 for something that’s going to be opened and then thrown away? For another few bucks I could buy him a CD or a book or a bunch of stuff from the dollar menu at Taco Bell. Do they have a dollar menu at Taco Bell? I haven’t been there since the 90’s.

I didn’t get him a card. I’ll get some construction paper and make him one. Or maybe just write happy anniversary on a piece of scrap paper. Or just say it really sincerely.

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