I went to another soccer game this week. I love soccer. One more year until World Cup.

Check this out. Five minutes before game time and this is the women’s restroom. There’s no one in there.

My favorite co-worker is the one handing me a beer.

Delicious cheese product snack.

Timbers’ Army. This part of the stadium was completely packed. One of these days I’m going to sit in that section because it looks super fun.

The Timbers mascot — is there any other team mascot that runs around with a chainsaw? I tried a bunch of times to get photos but this was the best I could do.

Timbers won 1-0. That annoying guy who sits behind me and talks during every single public arena event I attend was there in full force. He left for the john, which I know because he announced it, and right when he left was the only score of the game. Awesome!

The smoking section during the half. Packed.

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