Acorn Squash

Remember the volunteer squash shaped like a heart? How about shaped like an acorn?

We ate one acorn squash last year and tossed the innards into compost and we’ve got all kinds of squash volunteers. Actually, my sister identified it for me. She identified a few other things, too, including these big giant things with thick red stalks.

She said: “This is . . . you know what this is? This is . . . a weed.” I kinda already knew that but I yanked them out right then because they were casting huge shadows over the cucumbers.

I also picked tomatillos. I have a few recipes stashed somewhere. This is another volunteer that I get every year and never seems to do anything with.

I’m a little scattered at the moment. The heatwave threw me off completely and then I got a chest cold. Last week I took it easy and tried to get it together.

I don’t know what happened today. I was trying to get started and then it was 2pm. Then it was 4pm. The only thing I accomplished was making a loaf of bread to go with dinner. Everything else remains a loose end.

Pearl District

One thing I did was check in with our credit union just to see what’s doing on. I got a “we don’t support your browser” window with the suggestion that I upgrade to some cutting edge (sarcasm) version of Netscape Communicator. I sent them a note suggesting that they either get with the program and support some more browsers or in the alternative, they ditch a message suggesting people upgrade to an antiquated browser because it made them look like they didn’t know technology.

I’m sure they’ll embrace my suggestion like all of corporate American embraces my suggestions. By ignoring them or else with robot responses like “Thank you for contacting us. We strive to deliver great customer service. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Although a work related entity thanked me for sending a URL explaining URL shorteners. I forwarded my success to co-worker who responded, “Um, congratulations?”

The work of “You’re Doing It Wrong” is never appreciated.

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