Clarion West Write-A-Thon Week 1 Progress Report

Here’s the biggest tomato

(My spellcheck wants to correct it to: write-a-ton. ha!)

Info about the Write-a-Thon here and Clarion West Writeathon Page.

My goal is 3000 words a week and 2 story submissions during the six weeks as in sending something finished to a market. Week one really ended yesterday and this is my progress as of then.

Word count: 3655
Stories submitted: 0 (not to panic, still lots of time)

If you still want to contribute, it’s not too late. My donation page is here or there’s an address to send checks at the URL above or you can contact me and I’ll help you out.

I have an incredibly busy week coming up and won’t make it home before 7pm except for the night I don’t make it home before 9pm.

I’m scanning some stuff from the party book for short posts. The whole book is so awesome, it’s tough to choose.

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