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I’m on my way out town (as soon as I bathe, pack, make lunch, put away laundry, burn some CDs for the car, go to Trader Joes, the bank, Toyota, and Edelweiss German Deli) for a long weekend and I almost completely forgot to post about the Clarion West Writeathon that starts on Sunday.

I sent out a notice but if you didn’t get one and feel bad that no one asked you for money, here’s your big chance to sponsor me for a very good cause. And if you already donated: super huge thank you!

Last summer I attended the workshop. You can read all my adventures here.

The organization that puts on the workshop is Clarion West (non-profit – tons of people donate all kinds of time and energy to make this happen).

My goals for the 6 weeks are to write 3000 words a week and to submit two stories for publication. I’ve been a big fat chicken about submitting so two stories in six weeks might not sound like much but it’s a lot for me. Charlene challenged me to double the words but it’s summer dang it. I already work hard, I don’t want to spend all my spare summer moments hunched over the keyboard.

I’m asking for sponsorship during the event. I’m going to match donations for the first $200 so if I can get 20 people to sponsor me for $10 (only $10!) I will make my goal of donating $400. And I think I’m close.

If you’ve ever had a dream of donating money to nerds, this is your big chance. Here’s my donation page. If you want to avoid Paypal there are alternate instructions here and if you don’t like me there’s a huge long list of other writers you can sponsor. Any and all donations are welcome. Even $1. Seriously. This organization thrives on micro-donations. And if you have no money, then nice thoughts are perfectly acceptable.

I’ll post weekly reports on what I’ve been doing.

Huge thanks to everybody everywhere for everything. Have a good weekend.

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