Father’s Day Weekend Wrap Up

Klamath River looking downriver from Ishi Pishi Road.

I had this thing open on the desktop all day yesterday and couldn’t get it together to finish and post. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything yesterday. Even watch TV.

I woke up at 6am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Why do I always wake up at 6 on my day off? I got up and made a cup of tea and started to read and then my eyes felt a bit droopy. I woke up at 9am. Among the most brilliant naps of all time.

I finally dragged my butt out of bed and took care of a few errands. I made granola and watered the yard. I have a tomato bigger than a golf ball out there. Photo and endless nattering about it to follow.

Me and the fraidy cat reading Asimov’s. Shy Boy was a feral cat who is partly domesticated. Whenever I arrive he hides and runs away if he sees me. Until he randomly decides it’s safe to crawl in my lap and bug me.

My inbox is completely out of control. Everything in there is something I need to do and for every 5 I clear out, 5 new ones arrive. Actually the whole house seems like a bunch of things I need to do or problem solving activities.

Vandals hit the Panamnik Building. They broke a window in the post office and then tore this sign all apart. Dad thought he could fix it but they did a good job of destroying it. It was an exciting weekend. Someone got shot four times in the leg. “Oh, so it wasn’t an accident?” I said. Someone else drove off the road.

The trip to California was a big hit. We managed to do a little bit of everything. Thursday night falafel feed. Meredith and Aunt Janet made about 3000 falafels and there were plenty of leftovers. When the crew gets there in August there will be falafel for everyone.

Giant chestnut tree at Grandma’s place falls apart during a wind storm. Apparently it made a lot of noise when the limb, which is bigger than a lot of trees, came down.

Erin and I went down to Grandma’s place and took a long walk that included picking cherries. We filled our pockets.

Brush Dance

The brush dance starts at sundown and goes all night and the last dance is early in the morning. I went for a couple of hours when it started and then went back with Mom and Erin in the morning.

Old Timer’s Parade

After the dance we went back home to make Dad a father’s day breakfast and then we went to the Old Timer’s parade. I hate parades except for this one. And the Bigfoot parade in Willow Creek.

Bigfoot Parade from 2005

After the parade was the Old Timer’s picnic. All the fried chicken, deviled eggs and potato salad you can eat. Then there was a softball game.

Excellent trip.

The beautiful Sinead in her dance dress. Those girls dance all night in that heavy dress.

We’ve just returned from the farmer’s market. The weather is perfect plus there’s some sort of festival going on at the park so there were millions of people, strollers and dogs and I had enough rather quickly.

I’m trying to get organized here. It seems like everything I try to do involves something that is broken, lost or not working right. I had two simple projects. One involved two nails and one involved two screws and those took about an hour and I made a ding in the wall. Oh well, I’m sure I have many other fine qualities.

Also today: catching up on my beg-a-thon goal. I’ll update that tomorrow.

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