Stingey Jello

Stingey Jello

Yesterday for Mother’s Day we had tacos with crispy shells and Stingey Jello for dessert. It was really yummy.

This summer I’m going to be experimenting with molded foods.

I got the idea from this 1961 party cookbook I got at a book swap. I’m going to make some scans one of these days because this cookbook is all kinds of awesome.

There’s a recipe in there for some sort of fish loaf that you mold and when I saw that, I couldn’t wait to get into molding things to eat. I’m also going to come up with something else to call it because mold makes me thing of the blue hairy stuff that grows on bread. I’d rather find a spider in my kitchen than mold.

My mother-in-law gave me a ton of molds awhile back and most of them were sitting in a giant bag in the shop. I brought them all in and scrubbed and inventoried them and we are going to be eating things in all kinds of shapes.

For my first effort I used Blackberry Fusion Jello, a can of fruit cocktail and a can of Sprite. As you can see, it turned out a tad liquidy. My mother-in-law gave me my first tip: use a little less liquid than the recipe calls for.

This Just In: Drop everything you’re doing and go to the Jello website right this second. I wanted to link to Blackberry Fusion to prove it’s an actual flavor and I don’t see it, but: you search the flavor finder by color. I’d like to kiss the genius who came up with that.

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