Weekend Wrap-Up

All weekend I kept thinking I’d have time later to write an excellent epic post. But that time never came.

So this is going to be a slap dash thematically unlinked post.

I went out to check the garden on Thursday night, excited to see how things were progressing.

These are my cucumbers. The book says not to rush out with your cucumbers. They don’t like it when it’s too cold.

Well, I guess there’s a good argument for reading the book before putting the cucumbers into the garden. I’m going to buy some more seeds and try again.

One of the walls of water collapsed a little bit so I peeked in to see how the tomatoes were doing and they looked like they were desperate to join the cucumbers. I took two of walls down. The third looked fine so I left it alone.

I suck at gardening.

I’d like to get my hands on the guy who decided it was a good idea to make cars honk when the alarm is armed.

I thought the horn was invented as a warning device. When I’m driving through a parking lot and a car honks, I think something is wrong. Or else I’m startled because I’m tightly wound and get nervous when people honk at me.

One of our neighbor’s cars beeps when it’s locked and unlocked. I’d like to punch that inventor, too.

I’ve probably already written about this but I hate the sound of my doorbell. I can’t believe I haven’t pried it off the wall and drop-kicked it into the highway already.

On Saturday morning around 11am the doorbell went off and I was in the middle of something and not feeling like buying something, donating money or talking about Jesus so I ignored it.

Then it rang again.

I thought it might be a neighbor or friend or other person who knows I ignore my doorbell so I got up and pulled the door open. Two ladies with Bibles. Does anyone ever open their front door and say, “Oh goody, ladies with Bibles?”

I need to buy a new purse. I’m not one of those women with a million purses. I have one main purse and I have a couple tiny bags for when I just want to carry keys and money.

It usually takes me six to ten months of looking at every purse under creation before I choose one and then I use it until it disintegrates. I can’t remember how long I’ve had my current one. At least four years. Probably longer.

My requirements are very strict. It has to be either backpack style or slung across the body so I can have both hands free when I wear it. It has to be big enough for my stuff but not too big. And it can’t look too weird or trendy or be a weird color. My current bag has a big worn spot so the search begins.

I have some other topics but I think I’m going to clean off my desk. I’ve been meaning to do that for about six weeks. Who knows what’s buried there?

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