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Tips for Filling Your Walls of Water

It’s been a good weekend but as per always I didn’t get around to half of the stuff I wanted to do. I’ve been so busy I still haven’t had time to watch Lost.

You’d think I’d learn to live by my own advice and simply want to do less things. But I can’t figure out how to implement that in a satisfying way.

The good news is I’m about 95% to where I want to be on the story I’ve been working on. It’s much longer than my usual length but I think it’s coming together.

My best pea crop ever, I hope.

On Friday I took care of some errands and then I zoomed home for a day in the garden.

I planted a bunch of flower seeds. I bought the same exact seeds last year but I planted them on a mild weekend and then we had this freak hot spell, I think it was in April, 90+ degrees two days in a row and that was the end of the flower seeds. I have high hopes for this year.

Then I did a bunch of weeding. Dug out the dead rosemary plant which was one unwieldy carcass who did not give up without a fight. And I put in a new one. I put in some berry starts and got the potato patch all ready to go.

And I planted my first two tomato plants and filled my wall of water. If you’ve never seen them before, it’s a bunch of plastic tubes that you fill with water and make a little teepee for your tomato. It acts like a little greenhouse and helps them grow faster which is nice when you are desperate for homegrown tomatoes like I am.

I love the walls of water but they are miserable to fill and I usually have to wring myself out by the time I’m finished. I thought about checking youtube to see if there was a “wall of water filling tutorial” because they have everything on youtube. But then I thought of an idea myself.

I put the empty walls in one of those 5 gallon plastic buckets and then it stayed up while I filled it. Worked perfectly. So the walls are up. Bob brought me home some more tomato plants today. I dug up a strip of my lawn so I could fit more garden in this year. I am hoping for BUSHELs of tomatoes.

Watch in late August I’m going to be whining about how crazy I was to plant so many tomatoes.

The iris started blooming. I never appreciate them as much as the others because they are so easy to grow they are almost weeds. I dug up about 6 bulbs when we moved from our old apartment to this house. Now I have two giant patches.

I’ve got a short break before I start getting ready for Mother’s Day dinner so I’m back in the yard.

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