Vegetables and Flowers

Photo courtesy of peppergrass. Thank you for CC photos.

Dear Amanda: Lemon Cucumber are one of the special delights of summer. They are delicious little cucumbers shaped like lemons. One of my favorite memories is of eating lemon cucumbers with my Grandpa. Look for them in your farmer’s market this summer. Or better, grow some.

Sometimes I wake myself up early on my days off. This morning I set the alarm more for Bob than me.

It went off and I clicked it off and Bob got up. I kinda drifted in and out until about 6am there was this strange sound that rattled the walls. Normally I would assume it was something Bob was doing. But I heard him say, “Huh?” So then I very carefully peeked out the window in case some sort of stealth vehicle was cruising out front. Nothing.

I love all the theories. The railroad. Police testing bombs. Sonic boom. Earthquake boom. I’m going with alien invasion or National Guard sonic boom.

This is from the bag of assorted tulips. I like them.

Today was a pretty decent day. I did my errands. Paid my property taxes. Made progress on a writing project. Baked cream cheese brownies for a dinner date tomorrow. I would have done some yardwork but it was one of those days where it’s sunny for 5 minutes and then monsooning for 5 minutes. All day.

Look how sweet the pink ones look today. I never should have doubted them.

Every time I look in my backyard there are giant crows sitting around staring at the house. I finally put my camera on the kitchen counter so I could send a picture to Kira. But the minute I got it out, they disappeared.

The pretty red ones out front. Last year there were cream-colored ones mixed in. Do white tulips transform to red? That sounds like a fairy tale.

The moment I went outside to take this photo, an osprey flew exactly overhead with a fish in its claws. It was so low I could hear its wings beat the air. And it moved so quickly out of sight, I couldn’t take a photo.

Chukchuk what am I to do for you?

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