Safe, Warm & Magic

Tired of pictures of the yard yet?

This is the rhubarb patch. It always makes a lot of leaves but the stalks remain puny.

Today I put the peas in the dirt and planted another row of greens, turnips and beets.

My rosemary randomly died. There are a few green sprigs but otherwise it’s a giant brown bristly mess. Even though I never remembered that I had fresh rosemary or if I did, rarely wanted to run across the yard to get some when my recipe called for it, I still liked that plant.

I know the posts have been weak lately.

The last two nights I woke up at 4am and thought of really great stuff to write about. Then I never got back to sleep and now I’m tired and I can barely remember why I sat down here in the first place.

I’ll skip the rant about the stupidity of the credit scoring system and my review of Knocked Up based on the first ten minutes when I turned it off in a huff (only a man would think this is the setup for a comedy.)

Here’s my daily tidbit: I opened a new bank account and instead of sending me a box of checks (yeah, olde timey, I know) they sent me these flimsy cardboard sheets and I had to fold my own box. The box says “Keep your checks safe & warm.” I added a wizard sticker that looks like Gandalf so now my checks can be safe, warm & magic.

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