Close Encounter

I usually don’t like to buy flowers that are so fancy they look wrong. And I’m a big fan of the generic daffodil. But this one is called something like double tropical peach and it’s kind of goofy but I like it.

Today was so beautiful it was painful. I sat on my front porch and read in the sun and I kept feeling like I wasn’t enjoying it enough. I had to grit my teeth and strain to prove that I was worthy of 70 degrees.

These are another tiny flower that looked bigger and more glamorous in the catalog. They’re still pretty.

Oh look, the lawnmower man. Every lawnmower in town was going this afternoon. The hum of America.

After dinner, since it was still light and you could go outside with a t-shirt on, Bob and I went for a walk. We had just left the house when a giant bird flew overhead.

“Look,” I said, “It has a fish.”

At first glance, I thought it was a heron. It landed on the streetlight in front of our house. It was huge with brown wings and a white underside and distinctive marks on its head.

It settled in to eat its dinner.

After a few moments we went back and sat on the porch to watch. After much discussion, we decided it was an osprey.

Bob finally snuck back in the house and grabbed the camera and the binoculars. We watched it for at least ten minutes. A few crows did a fly-by but it didn’t even look up.

Sadly, my camera wasn’t up to the task. But this was really cool to see and a great end to the day.

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