I Have A Suggestion

These flowers are actually about as big as the end of your finger. The photo in the catalog is like this and shows a blanket of purple flowers. Awesome, I thought and I bought a bag and the squirrels ate most of them and I have three little squirts. At first glance they look like colorful bits of trash at the base of the tree.

Yesterday was one of the most fabulous days you could possibly have that doesn’t include a beachside lounge, bottomless margarita and a cabaña boy named Jorge to rub lotion on your back.

I slept in and then read in bed until Noon. Then I watched TV. Later I took a bath and read some more. Then I watched more TV. Eventually I made dinner and then more TV and then bed.

I did not do housework except at one point I forgot about that and found myself mucking out the cheese drawer in the refrigerator. And for the first time since mid-October I did not do one writing-related activity. And I ate candy and potato chips.

This is my rhubarb alien baby. Isn’t it cool? I wish the whole patch looked like this.

One of the shows I’m watching is Little Dorrit on Masterpiece Theater. I was expecting to get bored and turn it off after half an hour but I thought it was fantastic. The cast includes Gollum, Martha (Doctor Who) and Gwen (Torchwood) and apparently the Mr. Darcy from the most recent big screen version who I did not think was nearly dreamy enough but I like him in this.

The whole series is at least 10 hours so I’ve got lots more to look forward.

I’ve never read Dickens, if you can believe it. We had to read Great Expectations in high school and I had a horrible time with it and really struggled. Then the teachers went on strike and the rest of the school year was canceled and I never had to finish it.

I keep thinking I should try again as a grown-up and see how I do.

Look at this giant box of stuff that is leaving this house forever. Yay.

I’m not sure the financial industry deserves to survive. Today I went to my bank and a nice young lady with scary bright blue contacts hollered a greeting to me from across the room after I’d been the only person in line and waiting for about 10 minutes. She asked if there was anything she could do to help me.

I told her I needed some cash and, I could be mistaken but I swear she identified herself as the stage manager and said she was there to help people if they needed to fill out forms to make things go more quickly.

It was hard not to suggest that what would make things go more quickly was if she’d get her ass behind the counter and open another teller window.

Today I need to get organized. I have about 600 loose ends sitting here and I’m going to tackle that and the bottomless email inbox and see how I do.

I took some other flower pictures but there’s a rumor that it’s going to be pushing 70 degrees on Sunday and sunny. It seems a lot to hope for, but if it’s even half that good I’m going to take oodles of photos then.

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