The Magazine Pile

Finally. After teasing us for a week, something that looks like real snow out there.

I heard a spoon clattering in a ceramic dish and I asked Bob what he was making.

“Flavored snow.”

I asked him what flavors.

“Orange Izze and cranberry. It’s really fresh. You should try it.”

Today I’m trying to act like a civilized person. I did an extended yoga practice because I’ve been spending lots of time with the butt in the writer’s chair which is great for the writer but terrible for the butt, not to mention the back, shoulders and neck. I’m really starting to understand why you don’t see a lot of writers with great abs.

This morning I did yoga first, then put on regular clothes. I’ve been wearing pajamas or sweat pants most of the past several days. I put on my jeans and was relieved to find I can still button them.

Bob likes honey roasted things and he likes nuts. I found these at Trader Joe’s and bought them for him.

He said they were really good and hard to quit eating. Then I had to try. After standing in the middle of the kitchen for several minutes shoveling nuts into our mouths we decided to hide them.

I threw them in a cupboard with the serving bowls.

A couple days later I found what was left of them in the closet in my room.

I just took them out to the kitchen and put them in a dish. “There aren’t enough left to hurt us,” I said.

This is the magazine pile.

It actually looks a lot better than it did a week ago. I finished an Asimov’s, a F&SF and 3 MacLifes.

Those digests are what’s killing me. When I was accepted into CW I thought I should be more familiar with the markets so I subscribed to Asimov’s and Fantasy & Science Fiction. Also Locus. But they each sent me an issue right before I left and at least two while I was gone and then another one while I was recovering so I was already so way behind.

And then my reading time has dwindled so I haven’t managed to catch up. I’m trying to skip stories I don’t like or skim them but I like a lot of them.

The New York Times Magazine I don’t keep up with much but those are the Annual Issues of Ideas. I like to go through them and makes notes of some of the more interesting ideas. I say issues plural because, uh, one of those is still from 2007. I’m trying!

The National Geographic was passed along because it has an article about the Klamath River. I belong to 2 historical societies, Siskiyou County and Humboldt County and I never seem to get to those. Siskiyou is only an annual but Humboldt comes out 4 x a year.

Cooks Illustrated I love. I also get Sunset which is good for recipes. I’m caught up on that one. There’s another local visitor’s magazine in there that has an article about an Indian exhibit I want to check out.

I was going to do the to read pile but I’ve got to get some work done so perhaps tomorrow.

Update: Two more magazines in today’s mail. Plus something from our mortgage company addressed only to my husband.

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