This is our driveway

I’m very sorry I mocked the snow gods now. I shouldn’t have said or thought those things. The snow is pretty and fluffy and trapped under a nice layer of ice.

Crackly Outside, Fluffy Inside

It made a satisfying crackle-kuh-crunch sound when we walked on it. Which grew old rather quickly.

Purple Sage

We cleared a path from the street to the front door which is sort of hopeless because as soon as it gets warm enough, all the snow on the front side of the roof is going to slide off and right onto the front porch.


This is the backyard

I broke all the ice off my car and scraped all the snow off because it’s my plan that the freezing rain and snow that’s falling right now is the very tail end of it. Overnight the temperatures are going to blast to a non-freezy 40 degrees and I’m going to get out there and buy hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for the family this week. And I’m going to get to the store early so it’s not a living nightmare. I have a low tolerance for all things crowded but generally I opt to avoid those things. Food shopping I cannot avoid. I also can’t avoid if the weather has freezier plans.

Frog Thermometer and Icicles

Here is our highly accurate temperature measuring device with icicles.

A few cars have been back and forth on our street and I walked in some tire tracks to the closet main street to see if it was getting plowed and sanded. Do they even have sanding trucks in Vancouver? Probably on the east side. The plow went by as I watched but the road looked pretty sketchy. I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere today.

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