I got this as a gift when I left the firm and I totally forgot to take a picture of it. It lives in my office but I brought it home so we could put it on the tree. It’s from Diamonds of the Sea. Billy got the Indian.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve had my panties in a twist about NW Natural. I finally found the letter they sent so I called them this afternoon.

We switched to natural gas and we had to apply for our account. I haven’t applied for a utility in awhile but this application struck me as being somewhat hysterical. I applied as the co-applicant. If I made a copy of the application I can’t find it but as I recall I had to put down things like where I worked and for how long.

Bob handled the furnace installation so I didn’t talk to anyone at the utility. Meanwhile, I get a letter from NWN that says I’ve been listed as a co-applicant so I’m also responsible for the bills and if this is a mistake I need to let them know. And this kind of irritates me because, duh. And because I’m not a roommate. I’m a homeowner. It’s 2008 and I don’t have to have the same name as my husband.

But what really made me mad was that the rebate check we got as new customers was only made out to him. It has nothing to do with “him getting the money.” It’s all the same money. It just seems sort of rude to suggest that I only count if they need someone to pay the bill.

I phoned today to politely update them to the customs and ways of this crazy future we find ourselves in and ask that my status be upgraded to homeowner and apparently that’s not an option. I’m just a co-responsible for the bill.

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