Not In My Stash

This is a really old picture of snow in Orleans at the Grandparents

I have something that I’d set aside to give to people at Christmas and I can’t find it. I keep thinking I’m going to find it but it wasn’t in the Christmas wrapping paper stash and it wasn’t in the Christmas ornament/doodad boxes. It seems like I would have put it in a place I was likely to look at this time of year.

It’s not stashed on the bookshelves or in any of the little boxes I have in the closet where I stash things. I’m not sure where else to look and not really in the mood to take on a more major search effort. The world doesn’t end if I don’t find it but now it’s bugging me.

Is there some rule that news reporters who stand outside to talk about the weather must be clinically stupid? I thought getting on television was a competitive job and you had to have some sort of skills or brains or something. There was a woman today who was so awful, I couldn’t stop watching. My conclusion was that she must be excellent at something else which I won’t mention on a family blog.

The weather people keep promising all this snow and ice and accumulations and we must be living in a special bubble because it’s been just fine here. Cold and frosty. I’ve been sticking close to home for nothing. I’m planning on running out and taking care of errands tomorrow.

Yesterday I ran around downtown doing some xmas shopping. My list is pretty boring off-the-shelf type stuff and I had a hard time finding anything that I was looking for and if I did, it came in one color. I’m trying to help the economy but I need better choices.

It’s already the 17th and I have no interest in starting the annual newsletter. This doesn’t happen very often. Maybe this weekend I’ll find a surge of energy.

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