Here’s How It Works

I walk three blocks from my office to reach the bus stop. On the way I pass the courthouse and I leave work at the same time they take the prisoners back to jail.

Here’s how it works based on my extensive experience walking by while they do this.

Two shiny, windowless green trucks idle in the street. Two portable flashing lights on plastic stands are set in the middle of the street. One where I cross and one by the trucks. I guess you aren’t allowed to drive right there while they’re loading up.

Several well-fed men with mustaches and sheriff’s uniforms stand around in strategic pairs, visiting. One well-fed man with a mustache and sheriff’s uniform stands by the flashing light where I cross the street. One time, while I was waiting for the light to change, he held up his hand as if to tell me to stop or keep back. I guess he was assuring me he was relevant.

I wasn’t going anywhere near his prisoners and his gesture was not going to stop me from going my way. Several prisoners (Inmates? Is there a PC term I’m supposed to be using?) were brought out and got into the truck. None of them looked like George Clooney in Brother Where Art Thou?

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