Baggies for All

I think my sweetheart’s dream job would be spending the entire day putting things into Ziploc baggies. He loves those baggies.

When we travel, we set a box out on the counter and use them for our electronics, bathroom supplies, vitamins or anything we’re in the mood to segregate into its own Ziploc sealed pouch.

We have the following sizes in our home right now: snack, sandwich, freezer quart, freezer gallon, and I think 2 gallon storage bags.

The other day I dumped the leftover Halloween candy into a box and saw him come running with a baggie. I said we’d just leave it in the box but later I moved it into two small bowls that I set out on the counter.

When I got home from work I noticed the bowls were gone. “You put that candy in a Ziploc bag, didn’t you?” I accused. He did.

Last week we had about 2 tablespoons of grated cheese leftover from dinner and he wanted to put that in a snack sized baggie. I thought he should just put a piece of plastic wrap over the container it was already in. The compromise was he put it in the baggie where the hunk of cheese was.

I once saw super-giant bags that were big enough for a sleeping bag or a barrel of leftover Halloween candy. I thought those would come in handy for something but since I couldn’t think of anything right then, I didn’t buy them.

Then we got that fish from Alaska which could really benefit from a giant Ziploc bag but I haven’t seen them in the store since.

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