It’s Okay. But Don’t Go There.

Last week I met a friend for lunch downtown. As long as I’ve worked downtown, I’ve walked all over but I do tend to eat at the same lunch spots over and over. The new office is in proximity to a number of restaurants I’ve never tried so I’m trying to branch out.

I suggested a Greek place that I’d never been to. My friend said she’d been there and it was okay.

It was not okay.

It was tragically awful.

I guess it’s a franchise which from their website appears to be growing. I’m not going to link since I have nothing nice to say.

This place was to Greek food what Chipotle is to Mexican food. Generically mass produced food that can be served quickly and cheaply.

You could practically see marks on the falafel nuggets from where they were punched out of the machine. I ordered some sort of lunch plate which looked exactly like a picture right down to the decoratively piped swirl of sauce.

As we were leaving I said, “Well, I never have to come here again.”

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