Day of the Dead

Last night we went to a Day of the Dead party which goes on the list of the ten best parties of my life so far.

Tons of fantastic, amazing food. People brought stuff and no one just showed up with a bag of Cheeto’s. I had this fish stew that would peel your face off and apparently others liked it because the entire giant vat was scraped clean in an hour. There were traditional Mexican foods that I don’t know the names of and there was a tub of tamales that I didn’t see until it was time to go. And they served a fabulous hot punch that’s like apple cider only you add tequila.

At about nine a Mariachi band showed up complete with outfits covered with silver-bits and shiny boots. The party was in a tiny house packed to the rafters with tequila-infused people and next thing you know everyone was dancing and singing and carrying-on.

Super fun.

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