Twilight Prediction

This movie is going to be huge. Even if it’s only a 2 1/2 star movie, it’s still going to be huge.

It’s going to be a phenomenon. And the talking heads on TV and journalists who need to fill column inches are all going to talk about it endlessly. And they’re going to interview groups of mothers and daughters in Team Edward t-shirts creaming their jeans over this movie.

Here’s why. If you look at a list of top earning films most of them are movies that primarily boys would go to.

Except what’s on the top of the list? Titanic. What drove that movie’s numbers through the roof? Women. Because of Rose and Jack.

And women are going to flock to this movie, too. It’s the ultimate romantic wishfulfillment story and dopey as it is, it’s appealing to women of all ages. Plus from the trailer it looks like they’ve amped up the violence so boys won’t mind being dragged to see it.

Remember Dirty Dancing? The hot guy went for plain, ordinary Baby. All the plain ordinary women of the world wanted to be Baby. I remember loving that movie for exactly that reason, the plain girl got the guy.

In Twilight, (spoiler alert, ha ha) the hot guy falls for plain ordinary Bella. But he’s not any ordinary hot guy. He’s the most amazing, super-power hot guy of all time plus he has never been in love with a girl until he meets Bella and tells her, “You are my life now.” No one has ever turned his head until he meets Bella and once he’s met her, he doesn’t look at anyone else. Wow. He watches over her. He protects her. He rescues her.

Who wouldn’t be in love with this guy?

And the actor playing Edward, Robert Pattinson can kiss his old life goodbye after November 21. Nothing is ever going to be the same.

Also: I will be at the first showing on Friday, November 21. You can’t even tempt me with the midnight showing because I can’t stay up that late. But after that the line forms behind me.

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