Get Your Coats Here

I sometimes make fun of Bob because he has so many jackets/coats. A casual lightweight waterproof rain jacket. A heavy weight long dress coat. A mid-length medium weight sherpa shell. Every time he comes back from an outlet store he has a jacket to fit a unique niche circumstance.

I have: a raincoat with broken zipper, a heavy wool coat with torn pockets that I got at a garage sale for $1, a nice synthetic-something coat with leopard print collar that my Auntie bought me in Germany, and my new coat from last year, the power goose-down arctic expedition weight like-wearing-a-bed super coat.

I wore the super coat today. It’s not really cold enough but I’ve been chilly in the plain old raincoat. I guess I can understand an in-between coat. But I can get by without it.

(Historical aside: yesterday was post #1500. Woo!)

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