Before and After

Hey, guess what I did today?

This has been on my list for several weekends. It’s been that thing that I was determined to do next and never got around to.

We have every-other-week yard debris pick-up and tomorrow is the pick up day so I made sure our tub was full.

Yes, it is crooked. My arms got tired and I sloped unexpectedly.

There’s another hedge in back I want to turn into an alien head. I have no experience at sculpting hedges. But I guess worse-case-scenario I have a hideous shaped hedge in my backyard. Maybe next weekend.

During the gardening today I managed to smash my right pointer finger between something and now it’s bruised and hurts. But I can still type.

The weather report tells me we’re in for several days of hot followed by a day with some rain and then back to medium. I’m watering like crazy in what’s left of the backyard because I have a busy week and it’s going to have to fend for itself until rain day.

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