Friday Theme: Overwhelmed


I like the idea of iTunes and being able to have all my music in one place but I also find it overwhelming. Every time I go to organize a new playlist or add some songs, there’s so much stuff. It’s too much.


True story, I think about the holidays starting in September. Not because I’m one of those people who lives for the holidays but more because I like to get a head-start so that I don’t have to go out in the the dark rains of December and fight the crowds to get my shopping done. Or else pay an extra $15 to make sure the thing is shipped in time.

Lately I’ve been overwhelmed by how much stuff I have. All my drawers and cupboards seem stuffed and every time something new shows up I have to poke around to find a place to put it. I was thinking for Christmas this year, I’d like to give everyone a bag and invite them to come over and take some of my stuff. Maybe a book or a knickknack or a kitchen gadget.


I have my stack of bulb catalogs here and still can’t decide what to do. Last year I bought 108 and it was a drag putting them in the ground but I enjoyed the flowers when they arrived.

The way things are going now, I’m trying to simplify and I’m betting I’ll be happy I don’t have a giant bag of bulbs to stick in the ground in the Fall. The bulbs from last year will still be there in the Spring.

I can’t decide.


Is the quality of rubberbands slipping? This has been bothering me for a long time. I’m a big fan of the rubberband, especially the big giant ones that you use for holding together stacks of documents. I once bought some florescent ones for the office and was sad when I used the last one. I didn’t see them in the catalog we use to buy office supplies and haven’t seen them in a store again.

I use small ones, too. For holding together cords and cables. And I use one around my checkbook to keep it from flapping open and also for holding a pen. These are great tips. Try it at home.

I always have a bunch of rubberbands hanging off my bulletins boards and other office props, at home and work. And it seems like half the time they’re all dried up and break the minute I stretch them. Are they supposed to be stored in an airtight container? Once you use them they’re out in the world. They should be more durable than that.

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