For all you camera smarties who read the previous post and snickered under your breath, “Amateur!” You are right.

According to the nice customer service guy on the phone, for the grownup camera it’s back to the old fashioned way of taking pictures. I press my greasy face against the giant LCD display and look through the tiny viewfinder with one eye to frame my picture, just like in the olden days. Then the display screen shows me the photo I just took.

Do you think that’s true or is the guy just pulling my leg so I won’t try to send it back?

Geez, it’s hard being a moron sometimes.

I just ran around the house and took photos of dinner and the walls and the world’s most awesome garlic press, just like I promised.

I guess it goes without saying that I have more homework to do but at least I know it works. Now I need to rush my spouse through dinner so I can watch the end of Pride and Prejudice. Finally.

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