Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

I’ve needed to take my car in for an oil change for awhile now but it always seemed like there would be a better day sometime in the future. I finally made a point to get it in this morning and it got an A+ and then as I pulled out of Safeway an hour later, I noticed a strange dash-light I’ve never seen before was on and when I checked in the book it says it’s my rear-light malfunction indicator. (Is it just me or does that sound vaguely pornographic?) I’m going to have to check it again when Bob is home and hope maybe the paper towels were putting too much pressure on something in the trunk causing the light to come on and really it’s all fine. Cross your fingers for me.

I had a hectic week but not horrific. I had a couple of late nights and weird busy days at the office. It wasn’t like I was so stressed with deadlines or something, it was like 10 things all happened at the same time. I’d come back to my desk from sending a fax and there would be a voice message and as I checked that my phone would ring and then while I was on the phone my cell would ring and then someone would come in my office and say that the fax didn’t go through and someone was waiting for me in the lobby and another person needed me to find a file for them. So, for a few hours everything would be out of control. You can probably tell that I would be worthless at a real high pressure job.

Besides my car I had about 10 other errands to run and when I got home I made Keetha’s Sweet Potato Bundt Cake for the writers meeting tomorrow. I’ll take photos of it later but I think I did good. And the glaze (butter, brown sugar, whipping cream, rum) is so delicious I’m going to lick off the pan when I move the cake to a serving plate. I’ve also made a massive cassoulet and I bought a giant hunk of meat so I can make Amy the Mom’s easy pot roast tomorrow. (Where did I get ideas for cooking before blogs?) And then I’ll be done cooking for the weekend and on Sunday I’ll lounge about on my throne screaming orders.

Tomorrow is also a busy day because we have writers meeting from 11-2 and then at 2 we have a birthday party. [Aside: all my blogging friends are welcome to join writers meeting any time you’re in town. You know, I get enough remarks about this I should probably organize a virtual writers meeting. Hm. Will think about that.] On the birthday: Happy 20th birthday today to Roy Brothers. He’s having cake tomorrow to celebrate. In 4 more years we can take him out drinking.

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