Tuesday Updates

My new camera arrived yesterday. I had it delivered to the office and of course I had to rip everything open so I could start playing with it but then I realized there were a bunch of parts and a battery to be charged and I thought I should wait until I got home so nothing would get lost or broken.

I didn’t have time when I got home because we went to Aunt Betty’s to have dinner with Priscilla, Aunt Margaret and Uncle Marvin. When we got home from dinner it was bedtime so I assembled the camera and put the battery on the charger so I could at least take a picture of the wall or something when I woke up this morning.

Argh. The menu will display but not the viewfinder. I cannot take a photo. Wah! Yes, the lens cover is off. I didn’t have time for extensive troubleshooting but I’m pretty bummed about this development and foresee a series of long and frustrating customer service calls in my future. I hope I’m wrong.

Meanwhile: tiredd1 – I know who you are! Congratulations on your recent marriage. Hope to see you soon.

Clarification for angelawd – I cook the rice by itself and put the chicken in the skillet with the vegetables.

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